Doodle Warriors

Doodle Warriors

Task: Corporate Rebranding

“An original brand is hard to find, but easy to recognize”.

What would life be if we didn't have the courage to try new things? Doodle Warriors opened a great door of emotions for us, through a digital world full of artistic illustrations of hish quality. This Bulgarian-born Digital Art school gave me the opportunity to work on their corporate rebranding.
Doodle Warriors was looking for a creative ally to guide them in the process of reinventing themselves; they wanted to dare to be different and stand out from their competition. Don't want to limit themselves to just imitating the formulas that others had already tried. They were clear about where they wanted to go but could not express it in words.
It was necessary to find a different way to get their message across, managing to create a personality and inimitable or unmatched characteristics to stand out among the multiple clones that flood the market.
Investing in this should be a mandatory part of any brand's strategy. And it is that investing in your brand, is to differentiate yourself, to be recognized, it ends up being a profitable business. You have to differentiate yourself and get out of the status quo, evolve, and this was something that the founders of this Brand understood very well. So they let me guide them through this entire process of reinventing their brand and the final result blew their minds and left them pleasantly surprised.
I built the DNA of their brand from scratch for them and was in charge of the Creative Direction, Art Direction and Graphic Design of all the graphic pieces for the Doodle Warriors universe (Masterbrand and sub-brands).
This working relationship that began only with the commission to design the brand's logo, evolved until I became an essential part of the team, being today the Freelance Creative Director of this great Global brand.
Thank you for trusting in my work, Angel and Ivan, it is a pleasure to create unique experiences for you!

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