Hi! I am a Brand Consultant with more than 15 years of experience.
I can help you create a comprehensive vision for your brand and provide a solid foundation for its future development.
From the Naming Creation (Brand Building) to the design of its Visual Identity, Guidelines, and so much more...

All my proposals meet three fundamental aspects: Aesthetics, Functionality and Strategy.
My design is elegant, clean and simple but significant. My golden rule is: Less is more!
Exceeding your expectations is my main goal!


Check my portfolio and see for yourself
that this is not an empty promise.


I Will be by your side in every phase of your project.
Exceeding your expectations is my main goal!


I love what I do, that’s why I pay attention to every small detail.
I want to draw a smile on your face : )


I specialize in giving life to the Brands without identity, aimless, or purpose.
I create a complete vision for them, giving them the solid base they need to consistently develop in the future.
From the creation of his name(Naming) to the design of his Corporate Identity and the construction of his entire visual universe.
Currently, I work with global brands, creating powerful and memorable Corporate Brand Identities that leave their mark on the market.


With a clear process and extreme attention to detail, I create Packaging Designs
that capture the essence of each brand in an ammonious combination of creativity, aesthetics and functionality.
My Branding specialization & experience at this field give me many tools when it comes to Packaging Design.
I assure myself that each creation reflects in a cohesive and consistent way the personality and the nature of a brand.


Find out what my clients think about working with me.

Sandra Álvarez

Marketing Executive / Andes Alimentos

Working with Raúl has been a very pleasant experience, we have worked on branding developments such as packaging designs, brochures, etc.
Raúl understands what we are really looking for and what are the objectives with our brand, he captures his knowledge and expertise in all his work, which is always satisfactory and well supported when something is not clear. There is a lot of communication, trust and cooperation on his part in all developments.

Pilar Oneto

Co-founder / Crema & Nata

It is always a pleasure to work with Raúl, his tremendous creativity, professionalism and ability to interpret what the client wants, makes working with him always a very pleasant journey. He really is pure talent!

Alvaro La Rosa

CEO / Cartonizers

Raúl is not only an organized, dedicated and talented professional, he brings together the necessary creative, technical, analytical and execution capacities that guarantee an efficient process; So important to any organization.
His experience was essential to quickly interpret the vision and purpose of CARTONIZERS.
We are very happy with the result.