Cartonizers – Imagina en cartón

Task: Brand Building, Brand naming and Creation of Corporate Identity

"If you can dream it you can create it".

We all carry a child inside, and Cartonizers is a great example of this, since this brand -full of amazing ideas- is one of the first companies in Peru that set out to create different types of products made from cardboard.
And this is where I come in to get down to business! I took on the important challenge of taking this concept to the naming of the brand, creating a unique name that reflects what the brand does, considering the future international expansion of the business in the proposal, and then working on the design of a modern and versatile logo that adapts to any type of applications and formats.
And the result was amazing! It was achieved that the name of the brand, as well as the logo design, adequately respond to the essence of the company. Without a doubt, this project put my best skills to the test, and I am very happy with the result.

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