Estudio Márquez y Abogados Asociandos

Estudio Márquez y Abogados Asociandos

Task: Creation of corporate identity

“There is no better way to exercise the imagination than to study the law”.

They gave me a case! Estudio Márquez y Abogados Asociados is a traditional law firm that entrusted me with the important case of creating its corporate identity to be presented and judged as in court. In short, I had to work on something that would convince the jury.
His request was clear:
“We want a logo that is simple, easy to remember. We must also include an element that represents solidity and strength”.
So I got down to work, and not only did I end up conquering the jury with the truth in every detail of my work on their Corporate Identity, but they also experienced great freedom!
Thank you to the Firm for entrusting me with your most precious case!

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