Quinoa Ready to Eat

Quinoa Ready to Eat

Masterbrand: Andes Gold

Task: Packaging design

Product launch location: Peru, Canada

“Being creative is facing challenges, without ever stopping having fun in the process”

The Andes Gold brand presented this project to me with great frustration, since they had been trying -in other territories- to achieve the proposed result without any success.
That is how I decided to take on this project, determined to achieve the best result. What can I say? I love challenges! I live for those few seconds where the client evaluates my proposal and smiles. It is then that I know that he is satisfied with my work.
As in every project in which I am involved, I put the best of myself into it and it was very gratifying to see the client delighted with the proposal. In addition, this product won the 2020 Business Creativity award in the Gastronomy and Food Products category, an award granted by the Executive President of Promperú.
And it was thus that a long working relationship with this brand began.
Seeing your work, to which you put all your love and dedication is recognized, is a very gratifying experience that I always want to relive.
Thank you to the entire Andes Alimentos team for trusting in my work, and may this friendship last forever!

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