Babylon – Planting and landscaping

Babylon – Planting and landscaping

Task: Creation of corporate identity

“Sometimes you have to break the rules”.

Before working on this project, I took a few seconds to consciously breathe while enjoying the scenery that I brought to mind. Starting from there, I decided to study the name of the brand, and I started with the logo design.
I generally like to design logos that are simple, clean and easy to remember. There is a golden rule that I always keep in mind; "Less is more"
However, after carefully studying the profile of the brand and what it represents, I took the risk of creating a design that was a bit more intricate than usual, taking as reference the structure of the gardens of Babylon, which were built in tiers, to simulate the mountains that the wife of King Nebuchadnezzar II longed for.
This project taught me to see things from a different perspective, and that sometimes even the golden rules can be broken.
Thanks for making me part of this beautiful visual landscape, Mili!

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