Converge Architecture

Task: Brand Building, Brand naming and Creation of Corporate Identity

“Make it simple but significant”.

Those who are parents should know how exciting it is to name a child, imagining the great impact it will cause in their future. With this same emotion I received the arrival of this study that gave me the opportunity to work on the creation of its naming, reflecting its essence as a brand, through its history.
And so Converge Architecture was born, an architecture studio made up of 3 independent architects with different perspectives, but with the same global vision. Finding the name was an easy task, since I had to dress up as a future father and work on building the brand as if I were a son, allowing us to get to know it better.
This important step not only made it possible for the client to get to know the territory of his brand better, but also to discover his personality and imagine the great impact that he will cause, through his brand positioning. And, finally, after the chosen name and the beautiful birth that we experienced, we worked freely in the creation of its corporate identity, achieving a "Clean, modern and simple Logo", just as the client imagined and requested.
Welcome to the world, Converge Architecture! Thank you for choosing me as your creative parent.

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