Task: Corporate Rebranding

“Creativity is contagious, fun and I never tire of sharing it”.

Make yourself comfortable and let's share a bit of this freshly made snack. This Peruvian snack brand, very well positioned in the market, wanted to renew its corporate identity, and I was in charge of giving it that crunchy and fun touch that the brand needed, refreshing its current logo, and visually represent its evolution and modernization, without lose brand awareness (brand recognition).
As a passionate about caring for and working on details, I made small, subtle but very important adjustments to improve the visual language of the branding, resulting in a fresher image of the brand. And just like one of these snacks, that you start to enjoy the experience and you can't stop eating them, I couldn't stop flowing creatively. Thus, I proposed to create a mascot for the brand that, in addition to reflecting its joyful, fun and spontaneous personality, also reflects its Peruvian identity. This is how I created a modern and anthropomorphized version of the "Torito de Pucará" a traditional craft from the heights of Peru.
The client loved the innovative proposal, managing, once again, to exceed their expectations.
This project involved the refreshing of the corporate image, the design of the brandbook and packaging design for its line of products, accompanied by 5 different versions of the mascot with unique paintings, according to each brand product. Undoubtedly, a great job that gladdened the hearts of more than one and the sight of those who appreciated it.
Thanks to the Andes Alimentos team for making me part of this great and fun project!

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